Obtaining the valuable certificate of excellent quality – gold award AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE 2021 & 2022 “AUTHENTIC GREEK TASTE AWARD” of the  GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS GTBB organization, is for  our company the reward of four years hard work, patience and persistance.

The mark of the Authentic Taste of Greece Gold Award is a strong credential of quality, used as a stamp on Greek products in order to highlight them on the shelves of the world market.

Our company participated in the global taste conference of the Greek Taste Beyond Borders GTBB at the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation Center on July 5, 2021, under the auspices of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Tourism, EOT and the Municipality of Athens.

You can find the relevant entry in the GTBB BUSINESS NETWORKING PLATFORM in the premium brands category


We are pleased to announce the award of our company’s products at the Dubai International Taste Awards, which awards the best and most quality products, while being a reference point for gourmet food in the eastern world.
For 2022, from May 1 to 5 in Dubai, expert tasters and international judges in the world of gastronomy, evaluated a number of products through a “blind” tasting process, during which they decide which products are worthy of distinction.
The jury includes highly respected names in the field of high quality food from around the world, with international recognition.
Arcadiantaste participated in the DUBAI International Taste Awards 2022, with three (3) products, extra virgin olive oil, Kalamon olives and Τapenade. Our products were awarded with three unique awards:

Tapenade – Platinum award          (

Extra virgin olive oil  – Gold award  (

Kalamon olives – Silver award     (

Another very high level distinction, with 1 Arcadiantaste olive oil award, was noted in the famous international olive oil competition LONDON International Olive Oil Competition 2022.
It took place in England and specifically in the city of London, from 5 to 17 June 2022. It has very high quality criteria for the selection and award of olive oils applying very strict evaluation standards based on the taste methods set by the International Olive Oil Council.
It is considered one of the largest competitions of very high prestige in the world, with an extremely high score of 9/10 based on the world ranking EVOO World Ranking.
The tasting test of olive oils at LONDON IOOC is done with the strict method of blind tasting by expert olive tasters (expert panel tasters) of international prestige.
The degree of difficulty is complemented by the extremely high number of participations, which for 2022 reached 963 olive oils from 30 olive-producing countries with a very high level of quality.
Arcadiantaste participated with the extra virgin olive oil which was awarded with the following unique award:

Extra vingin olive oil  – Silver award (